Bluetooth Windows 10 Not Working right after Upgrade to Windows 10 Let’s try the next solutions and view if Bluetooth Windows 10 Not Working once Upgrade: Method 1: Run Hardware and devices troubleshooter Open up Control Panel. Write Troubleshooting within the search box right up corner and hit enter. Just click on Troubleshooting tab. Just…

Start Menu Not Working in Windows 10 [Solved] Aug 20, 2019 Troubleshoot Shockwave Player installation for Windows (Shockwave 8 and 8.5) Use the uninstaller available from the Web Players page. Note: Close all applications before you run the Shockwave Player uninstaller. Quit all running applications, including browsers and instant messaging clients. Check the Windows system tray to make sure that no applications that use Shockwave Player are in use. How to fix common problems with apps on Windows 10

Apr 24, 2017

How to Fix Common Windows 8 and 8.1 Problems

How to Fix Windows 8.1 Apps Not Opening/ Not Working

How can I fix Windows Update if the troubleshooter won’t run? May 01, 2015 How to troubleshoot Mobile Hotspot not working in Windows Nov 20, 2019