Perfect for all MP5-HK94 style weapons and HK93 using buffered carrier. Includes bolt hold open cutout so this works with .40 / 10mm as well as 9mm MP5's. Best stock available for the price! Maybe just the best stock. These seem a lot more durable than factory HK MP5F stocks which are notorious for breaking. We are thrilled with this product

May 23, 2017 Vector V93 FTE problem (HK93 clone) | The High Road Apr 17, 2011 HK-53A3 All German 5.56mm Sear Ready Short Barrel Rifle by Original Factory 0-1 Metal Semi-Auto Trigger Pack, An Authentic German HK53 1/7 Twist Barrel (Not a cut-down HK93 Barrel), New German HK Soft Rubber Cocking Knob, Combat Mag Release (Flapper), New 4-Prong Flash Hider, New German HK53 New-Style A3 Concave Stock, New German Correct Length Wide Hand Guard, Buffered Semi-Auto Bolt Carrier Group C93 PTR Century - The FAL Files

HK93 MP5 HK53 A2 Fixed Stock - Contract - Black - $52.99 Heckler & Koch Contract Fixed Stocks for HK93 MP5 HK53 A2 in Black Contract fixed stock in black.. Stock is meant for use with buffered carriers. Condition: Used - Excellent Part Number:1252

Vector v93

Includes Factory 16" 1:12 Original Barrel, Grenade Ring, A2 Flash Hider, Buffered Bolt Carrier Modified to Full-Auto, 0-1 Factory Semi-Auto Trigger Group in the Original Metal Housing, New Factory HK Soft Rubber Cocking Knob, Combat Magazine Release, Factory Bi-Pod with Polymer Feet, A2 Shoulder Stock with Extension, Remarked HK33.

Hk 93 Date Code - 06/2020