2020-7-21 · The easiest trick to hide stock apps on your iPhone or iPad. There have been methods before for people who wanted to hide their unwanted apps from the home screen. But most of those required either some sleight of hand or a little extra time, and made it extremely annoying to do time and time again. On iOS 9.0 – 9.2, the trick is much, much

How to Hide Dock on iPad - Tech Junkie 2019-8-1 · Launch one app and slide up to access the dock. Tap and hold another app on the dock, then drag it left or right. It appears in a small window and pops in place (full screen) once you release it. Third-Party Apps and Dock Bugs. You might have stumbled upon some third-party apps that promise to hide the dock from iPad’s Home screen. How to Hide Photos on iPhone and iPad | Beebom 2019-3-25 · Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to hide photos on an iPhone or iPad: Hide Photos on iOS Natively. Yeah, there’s a way to hide your photos on your iPhone natively and it’s really easy. Just follow the steps underneath: 1. To hide a photo in iOS, just launch the Photos app, open the photo you want to hide and hit the share button. 2. How to hide apps in an 'invisible' folder on iPhone or iPad 2020-7-20 · Now that you have your ‘invisible’ icon, you can drag another app onto it — one you want to hide — to create a folder. You can them move the app to a second page within the folder (leaving the invisible icon on the first page) to prevent it from appearing on the home screen.

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Dec 10, 2019 · Hide App Store Purchases in Mac App Store. Launch App Store on your Mac. Be sure you are signed in. 2. Now, click on your name located at the bottom left sidebar. 3. Next, you should see all of your purchased apps. Hold the pointer over a specific app and click on the three dots that pop up. Then, choose Hide Purchase.

To hide pictures on iPad: You can hide all the needed photos in the Private Photo Vault. Another popular photo hiding app is the Private Photo Vault, which lets you lock all your photos within the app using a PIN, TouchID, or Face ID. How to Hide Private Photos on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13 2020-7-24 · Hide Private Photos on Your iPhone and iPad in a Few Simple Steps. Launch the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. Step 2. Locate the photo or video which you want to hide… How to Hide Unwanted Purchases on Your iPad - Ipadastic! 3) Find the app you want to hide. On iOS5, the uninstalled applications will have a cloud icon with an arrow pointing down. 4) Swipe this icon to the left to reveal a red Hide button. 5) Tap the Hide button and the application will be hidden from view. Click Ok to the Hidden Purchases prompt. To Unhide these applications on the iPad, follow