Jul 23, 2020

Security Configuration Guide - Apple iOS 12 Devices Note that in BYOD or COPE configurations, backup of personal content is generally desirable for users but covered by consumer solutions such as iCloud backup. Managed Apps and Accounts containing Australian government data can be excluded from the backups of personal content, using appropriate configuration from an MDM. Office for iOS Using Xcode Configuration (.xcconfig) to Manage Different Using Xcode Configuration File (.xcconfig) As mentioned we use Xcode configuration file (.xcconfig) instead of using conditional compilation blocks to manage the build settings (such as which tokens, api keys, urls of backends should be used).. If you don’t know what an Xcode Configuration file (.xcconfig) is, it is actually a key/value based file.. You can store your build settings in the Link iOS SDK | Plaid Configuration. To enable support for third-party password managers in Plaid Link for iOS add org-appextension-feature-password-management to the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes array in the applicationʼs Info.plist (see LinkDemo example and the Information Property List Key Reference). There are two ways to configure Plaid Link for iOS: IOS Resilient Configuration - PacketLife.net

Upgrade firmware in Cisco IOS devices

Cisco IOS routers and switches use a configuration register for some specific settings. These are settings that are not stored in the startup or running configuration. There are 16 bits (4 hexadecimal digits) reserved for the configuration register. The two most popular things we can do with the configuration register are: Configuration - Citrix Docs Dec 16, 2018

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Application Configuration using XML for iOS devices Apr 11, 2019 Cisco NAT Configuration - IOS Router – Practical Jan 18, 2018 iOS Platform Configuration - Pushwoosh iOS Platform Configuration This guide addresses the manual iOS configuration process in Pushwoosh Control Panel After you have integrated Pushwoosh iOS SDK into your project, you need to configure pushes on Apple side.