For Microsoft Active Directory 2003, the EnterpriseOne data can be dynamically uploaded only over a SSL connection. Even the LDIF (Lightweight Directory Interchange Format) file generated with the help of the data4ldap utility can be uploaded to the LDAP server only over SSL connection. This is due to the Microsoft Active Directory restriction.

Benefits of AD Integration Centralize onboarding. Instantly provision employees with a LastPass account and build company-wide adoption. One-click offboarding. Immediately remove employee access to passwords when they leave or a project ends. Automate with groups. Apply permissions and grant shared access with the groups in your Active Directory. LDAP Authentication against AD - PostgreSQL wiki Jan 25, 2020 Active Directory for OnGuard through LDAP multi-value attribute contents • Reduces redundant data entry Active Directory for OnGuard Integration links Active Directory ac-counts to OnGuard cardholders for in-creased IT policy compliance • Security managers can easily configure mappings between OnGuard fields and Active Directory objects Integrating Active Directory & LDAP with Nagios XI - Nagios

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Configuring directory sync with Active Directory or other An LDAP directory is a collection of data about users and groups. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an Internet protocol that web applications can use to look up information about those users and groups from the LDAP server. We provide built-in connectors for the most popular LDAP directory servers, such as: Microsoft Active Directory The Difference Between LDAP and Active Directory - JumpCloud Jan 19, 2015 LDAP Integration - Help | TeamCity LDAP integration is generic and can be configured for Active Directory or other LDAP servers. It is recommended to configure LDAP authentication on a test server before enabling it in the production one, because switching to an incorrectly configured authentication scheme may cause users' inability to log in …