How to Change the Country on Netflix on iPhone or iPad: 11

Apr 15, 2020 · Netflix content is loading, but not playing. If that happens on your device, try this: - Connect to a different location; - Go to the Settings page of Surfshark app, open the Advanced tab and change the protocol to OpenVPN/UDP; - Change the default DNS on your router. - Check if your connection to our server was successful. Oct 01, 2018 · Change Netflix Region to American – VPN. Netflix is geoblocked in most countries. In regions where Netflix is available, it does not offer much content apart from US. To bypass these geo-restrictions, you need to use VPN. Install VPN on your streaming device. Select an American VPN server. Stream US Netflix content as if your are in the USA. This is more of a netflix issue but I will try and get you going. In the tv's wifi setting you need only change the wifi address to your new routers ssid from the new router. And use the new password. So, don’t try to rename downloaded Netflix contents. If you are wondering, you cannot change the default location where downloaded Netflix contents are saved on your PC (at least in the current version of the app). However, you can copy downloaded contents to another location or drive.

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