To connect to a database or geodatabase in SQL Server from ArcMap, install the Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server on the ArcMap computer and create a connection file in the Catalog tree. First, though, be sure your SQL Server instance can accept connections from remote computers.

How to connect SQL Server through Internet | Bilbeo Analytics Part 1 SQL Server Configuration Manager. Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager in the Configuration Tools folder. under the Microsoft SQL Server folder.. From the SQL Server Network Configuration node, select the Protocols item for the appropriate SQL Server.. Your TCP/IP must be Enable. In the “Properties” of TCP / IP, all the way down in the IPAII tab, the TCP Port must be 1433. database - How to connect to a local SQL Server? - Server SQL Server Network Configuration; Protocols for [ServerName] Double click on TCP/IP and change it to Enabled; Restart the SQL Service under SQL Server Services. Also check that your Firewall is allowing access to SQL Server. This Microsoft support article covers the exceptions needed for SQL Server … Unable to connect to SQL Server '(local)'. The step failed. Sep 06, 2016 How To Install SQL Server Developer Edition

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Manage SQL Server Management Studio Connect to Server Name Jun 01, 2016 Link a SQL Server to an Oracle database - SQL Shack Aug 15, 2016 Connect to a different port with SQL Server Management Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio will connect by default to port 1433 and there's nowhere in the connect dialog to specify a different port from the default. To connect using a different port specify the servername, a comma, and then the port number as shown in this post.