Dholak is a South Asian two headed hand drum. Two surfaces of Dholak allows a combination of bass and treble with rhythmic high and low pitches. Features : - Easy to use and simple and attractive design. - Amazing Vibration animation which feel your finger to real dholak. - Multi touch and quick responsive. - A real indian dholak set.

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Super fast dholak player new style by lovely brar dholak made by Chet ram Gill dholak 9888303415 by Chet ram gill Dholak Tabla dhol maker. 1:05. The dholak can be tuned in two ways depending on the type of drum. The traditional dholak are laced with rope, so tuning is controlled by adjusted by a series of metal rings contolling tightness of the rope. Modern dholaks have metal turnbuckles which are easily adjusted for desired tone. The dholak is widely used in folk music of villages of

Dholak is a Hand drum. It is a North Indian musical instrument which produces sound when it is struck by hand. A Dholak consists of three main parts: A large aperture, A small aperture, A shell. A large aperture makes low-pitch sounds and a small aperture makes a high-pitched sounds. A shell is made up of wood.

NAAL & DHOLOKS - INDIAN MUSICAl instruments Naal is a wooden two-headed drum. Heads held in place and tuned by bolts. Player holds the Naal horizontally and it is played with both heads. Naal is amongst the msot popular percussion instruments in India that are commonly used in folk music & during marriage celebrations. The shells of naal are manufactured in Uttar Pradesh in India. The Dholak - Details - India Instruments The dholak is a very popular double-headed drum from North Indian folk music. Our manufacturer Narayan Badya Bhandar makes dholaks with a particularly clear and sharp treble and a powerful modulating bass sound. Dholak - Buy Dholaks Online at Best Prices In India