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networking - Cannot ping past gateway - Ask Ubuntu My wifi is connected but I cannot access the Internet irrespective of the network to which I connect. I can ping the gateway but cannot ping (Google's DNS) which shows: Destination Net Unreachable. I tried adding nameserver as the first uncommented line in /etc/resolv.conf but it didn't help. The traceroute shows: Cannot Ping External Network Adapter After Configuring Cannot Ping External Network Adapter After Configuring RRAS as a VPN Server. Microsofti pakutav sisu. Symptoms. After you configure the Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) as a virtual private network (VPN) server in Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 with two or more network adapters, pinging the external network adapter does not IPv6 is not working, cannot ping gateway | DigitalOcean I cannot connect my droplet using IPv6, so I connect it with IPv4, and use ping6 to ping my gateway(2a03:b0c0:1:d0::1) and all the packets are lost. I can use IPv6 a few days ago, so something under maintenance Solved: Can't ping router or default gateway | Tech

Cannot ping or tracert But internet works fine

connection - Can't ping but can access internet just fine PC cannot ping anything but some applications can browse. 1. Why can't I ping while NET USE is fine? 0. Wireless Issue: Cant Ping google DNS but ping to Default Gateway works fine. Hot Network Questions Why can't notes be tuned according to a defined frequency? networking - Cannot ping/communicate with Android devices For some reason i cannot reach it from my laptop on the same wifi network. I cannot ping in either direction. In the past i have been only able to ping one way. Just tried out on my stock htc sensation and havent the same issue. Also the nexus and htc cant reach each other either.

EXPERT ADVICE Check the icmp settings of windows Start>>Run>>firewall.cpl>>Advanced>>Click "Settings" under ICMP the only option that should be checked is …

Here we cover how to allow ping through Windows Firewall. A common response is usually to simply disable the whole Windows Firewall, however this is not recommended as the Windows Firewall does a good job at providing a basic level of system protection. We will only be allowing the specific rules required to allow ping to succeed. Solved: VPN UP-ACTIVE but cannot ping across VP - Cisco I can now ping the port on the CME router. But I cannot ping the port of the CME router. Then all of a suddon I can no onger ping anthing on the 192.168.10.x network fro mome. SH CRYPTO SESSION. Session status: UP-ACTIVE . Peer: port 4500 . IKEv1 SA: local remote Active Cannot ping or tracert But internet works fine Jan 09, 2017 Can ping computer by IP address but not by computer name Jun 06, 2008