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What Is DNS Server Or Protocol Port Number? – POFTUT What Is DNS Server Or Protocol Port Number? TCP or UDP. DNS can use both transmission protocols TCP and UDP. But general usage is over UDP protocol because of its TCP Port 53. One of the used DNS port is TCP Port 53. TCP provides stability over DNS resolutions process. With TCP 53 UDP Port 53. Q.43103: What port does DNS use? | Microsoft Exam Quest Nov 12, 2012 DNS Ports Usage - Softpanorama

DNS Tunneling: how DNS can be (ab)used by malicious actors

DNS (Domain Name System) uses Port 53 TCP/UDP. What are The DNS uses TCP Port 53 for zone transfers, for maintaining coherence between the DNS database and the server. The UDP protocol is used when a client sends a query to the DNS server. The TCP protocol should not be used for queries as it gives a lot of information, which is useful to attackers. windows server 2008 - DNS.EXE allocates 5000+ ports

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What Port Does the Dynamic Update Client Use? +1 775.853.1883 +1 877.367.6647 (inside the US) +1 775.853.1886 (fax) Monday-Friday 6:30am - 5:30pm PT